Become a WorkSafe Agent

WorkSafe is a brand new initiative of Neighbourhood Safety and it offers an exclusive Industrial Safety & Socio-environmental compliance program to small businesses in South Africa.

In March 2021 the Department of Employment and Labour announced that the new OHS Bill 2020 will be released for public comment. With the changes it will bring about, which includes the definition of an “employer”, WorkSafe have been developing a compliance program aligned to these changes.

The WorkSafe program will allow SME’s to comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act of 2020 and focus on the Social and Environmental impacts of a business on the neighbourhood in which it functions.

WorkSafe is not OVERKILL safety management. It is not based on a NOSA stars or SAIOSH recommended best practice system of rules and procedures comprising reams of paper.

It is based on the Legal Duties of Employers and their own health and safety management systems.

If you can think “compliance” and have a National Diploma in Public Health, or a B.Tech in Environmental Health plus a SAMTRAC and at least 5 years experience, you are welcome to join our team.

Buy our WorkSafe Agent Starter Kit now for only R4 999 and start selling WorkSafe to SME’s in your area.

You will also get:

access to the Practical OHS ACT 2020.

inclusion in the Neighbourhood Safety network

A Digital ID Card as WorkSafe Agent

Your starter kit comes with a complete updating service for 12 months.