Everything you need to know about the new OHS Act 2020

WorkSafe is launching a new online resource for employers and safety practitioners to help them navigate the changes in the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993.

After three decades, the act is now going to be amended to align to international best practice, but within this “pie in the sky” dream of Zero Harm, the average business will be dumped into a legal mess of note if they don’t get ahead of the game.

The Practical OHS Act 2020 offers a source of information about the changes in the Act, the added requirements as well as the changed requirements.

WorkSafe is one of three businesses launched in 2020 under the umbrella of Neighbourhood Safety SA(Pty)Ltd, a privately owned Community Safety Company operating in the Western Cape.

Together with StreetSafe™ and FireSafe™, WorkSafe™ the company addresses all aspects of human life at home, work and in between.

In addition to the Practical OHS Act 2020, WorkSafe also developed an operational safety compliance program aligned to the new Act which will equip local businesses to comply with the law.

Since the OHSAct 2020 will be introducing Administrative Penalties (Spot fines) like traffic officers at a speed trap, employers, self-employed people and users of machinery could pay R25 000 just for failing to do the “paperwork”.

WorkSafe understands the schlep of paperwork and that businesses have limited resources to implement Over-The-Top administative management systems commonly advocated as “best practice”.

But as the CEO of IOSH in the UK once said, “Why do you want to do more than what the law requires? Who are you fooling?”

Join WorkSafe today for as little as R499 per month, and get the benefit of the Neighbourhood Safety network of concerned citizens.