WorkSafe Program first in SA

The WorkSafe program is the very first in South Africa aligned to the new Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2020.

When the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 came out in its very first draft, back in 1990, there was already talks that it will eventually change to align to the Mine Health & Safety Act.

One of the biggest mistakes made in the current OHS Act, is found in Section 7, dealing with the Health & Safety Policy. This was indeed intended to be more than a promise signed by the CEO and displayed at the main reception in a gold plated frame.

The new Act will however bring back the original intent of the Health and Safety Policy, but it would be phrased so that OHS practitioners can understand it.

As was originally intended, the new Act shall enforce the implementation of a Health & Safety Management system.

WorkSafe is developed with this new legal requirement in mind, and you can implement it in your business from as little as R499 per month, which includes a monthly assessment of your operational safety effectiveness.